Kiwi Juices

May 7, 2008 at 9:58 am Leave a comment

Dh went a little crazy last Fri and bought a crate of kiwis.  I made some lassi with it 2 days ago.  Then I made kiwi/apple jc.  The pic above is just plain kiwi.  I had to add a little water and sugar cause it was so sour. I also added back some of the pulp.   Kids are not too crazy for kiwi.  Dh loves it though.  I have to buy lots of fruits b/c this guy likes his fresh juices.  I was making him fresh juices even b/f we got married when we didn’t have the juice making machine.  His dad was pretty impressed that I would use those old-fashioned juice squeezers to make dh his fresh OJs every morning.  My hand got pretty sore, but I didn’t mind.  Those honeymoom stages. LOL  Thank god, we have a juice maker now.  My usual jc I make most of the time is a combination of oranges, green apples, pineapples, and carrots.  Occasionally, I make green apples with tiny bittergourds, green apples with cukes and celery and oranges with pineapples. 


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