Prime @Le Meridien Hotel

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2 Jalan Stesen Sentral, Le Meridien Hotel KL Sentral, Tel:  03-2263-7555

Not a very good photo of my plate.  I did it in a hurry.  I didn’t want to seem too tacky taking a photo of my food.

My first thought was, thank goodness I didn’t dress in all black like the very slim pretty waitresses. I really wanted to dress up, but this is a casual restaurant.  I opted for comfy black pants with cream and black flower motif Japanese-like(kimomo) top.  This is just in case I needed to let loose my top buttons on my pants.  I received a phone call as we were entering the restaurant and dh was giving me dirty looks.  He mentioned that in Europe, you are not allowed to talk on your cellphone when dining in a good restaurant.  Ok honey, this is Malaysia, alright? 

We had a good table, not too close to the open kitchen and not too close to the door.  I liked the contemporary atmosphere of the restaurant.  Wine stored behind glass cases on the far end wall opposite the entrance from floor to ceiling.  Simple colors for decor.  Comfy big chairs to get lost in while enjoying your meal.  Actually, the chairs reminded me of the seats at the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World.  That made dh laughed. 

As soon as we were seated, a waitress brought over the wine and entree menu.  Another one brought over a plate of 2 types of bread, spicy focaccia and nutty Mexican with 3 choices of butter.  The spicy herb bread was quite yummy.  I only had 2 slices.  I had  to leave space for the steak.  We started our meal with crab croquettes served with a side of mango salsa and mustard/onion sauce.  Pretty good, comparable to  the ones we had from Wolfgang Puck’s.    I chose the KImberley Red 120 days aged filet mignon as my main entree, medium rare of course with creamy morel sauce.  Dh chose the Australian Wagyu sirloin with truffle sauce as his.  We ordered  roasted Portabella mushrooms, asparagus and Idaho fries as sides.  The mushrooms were nicely done with olive oil and salt and pepper.  The asparagus was actually quite good even though it was local and quite small.  The Idaho patatoes were tasty and crispy.  Exactly how I would make them-seasoned with salt,garlic, and cayenne pepper.  My 12 oz filet mignon was worth RM230.  And I love that it was  3″ thick.  What a pleasure  it was to finally have a steak that  literally melted in my mouth.  It was excellent.  I actually wanted a porterhouse, but the restaurant didn’t have that cut.  Dh’s 12 oz Wagyu sirloin was even more expensive(Rm100 more) than my filet.  It  was alright.  He said he would have the filet mignon the next time.  Our steaks came with a little side of stewed mushrooms and carrot and a half sliced grilled tomato.  I had a Merlot-Shiraz and dh had Pinot Noir to accompany our dinner.  We chose the restaurant’s Australian house wines.  I balked at the price of RM 90 for 2 lousy glasses of wine.  Oh well. IT was better than paying RM30 for bottled water.   We couldn’t finish the potatoes.  I was too stuffed for dessert, but couldn’t resist a chocolate gelato.  Dh only had coffee.  He had too much meat.  Besides his own sirloin, I  gave him 1/3 of my filet.  The total bill was worth my maid’s 2 months wages.  Luckily,  dh has  a Starwoods Privilege card that entitles you to a 50% discount at all restaurants affiliated with Starwood and 20% off drinks.  No wonder dh told me to have whatever I wanted from the menu.  Would we go back again to PRIME.  Yes, definitely for the steaks. 


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