Yuzu at the Gardens and Shabu shabu at home

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Mushrooms with leeks

grilled tunaI know I’ve been neglecting this blog for awhile.  I have  very good reasons-kids were on a 2 week schoolbreak and we  were travelling.  I did take photos of food, but didn’t have much time to post.

Seemed like a long time since I did any cooking.  Today, I made ham and grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids’ lunches.  Dh and I went to have Japanese at the Gardens since dh had to go to Midvalley to have the Nintendo Wii fixed.  I tagged along cause I needed to get Aly’s b-day presents.  Tonight, we had shabu shabu. 

We picked Yuzu Japanese Restaurant at the Gardens cause the food smelled wonderful when we got off the elevator.  Dh was starving and didn’t want to search around for other restaurants and the menu looked extensive.  It was already 2pm and it wasn’t very full inside.  We got served right away.  Dh asked the waitress a few questions and I couldn’t understand much of what the waitress was saying.  That’s always frustrating.   Anyway, we ordered the grilled tuna, grilled wagyu beef, a sashimi set lunch and some ocha soba.  I love Japanese food and of course the food here was tasty.  The sashimi was very fresh.  The presentation was excellent.  Service was very prompt.  One negative thing-there is no value for money.  The servings were very small for the stiff price, RM50 for 3-4 oz of the wagyu beef.  We spent about RM200 for this lunch and I think dh was still hungry.  Of course, he’s a very big eater and I didn’t eat much b/c I’d already had some soup and sandwich with the kids.  But still, the portions were too small. 

Since we were in Midvalley, I went to Jusco to get some groceries.  We decided to have shabu shabu for dinner if there was good beef available.  I bought the stuff for shabu shabu-3 pkts of rib-eye shabu beef,  Japanese smooth tofu, leeks, hakusai(Chinese cabbage) and 4 types of mushrooms(enoki, nameko, oyster, and shiitake.  

I prepped the veggies and made the broth for the soup.  I soaked the kombo for awhile and added some beef stock to make the soup.  I boiled it for 30 mins to get lots of flavor.  We usually eat shabu shabu with 3 sauces.  My favorite is the store bought sesame sauce and the ponzu sauce for the meat.  A great sauce for the veggies is a combination of Japanese soysauce and lemon with equal amounts of each.    When everything is laid out and the broth is boiling, we start shabu shabu(dipping n swishing the beef back and forth).  The veggies and tofu, we let sit in the broth for a couple of minutes.  This was a great lite dinner. 


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