Yum, love Thai food II

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Dh’s very good friend, Prayuth, took us out for a late supper in China town one of the nights we were in BGK last month.  Wow, this part of BGK is packed with people shopping and eating street food.  We settled into a seafood place and ordered some  prawns roasted over an open grill.  This came with a sour sauce that is out of this world.  I tried to make it at home and it’s not the same.  Prayuth also ordered some scallops and dh’s fave curry crab dish.  We had kang kong(water spinach Thai style(just garlic, fish sauce and chile padi,not belacan).  It was mostly the 2 of us eating and P having a few bites.  

While dh had his meetings, Prayuth took me out for lunch and to do some shopping in China town.  For lunch, he took me to a place called Rosabieng.  It serves Thai food.  The restaurant is quite neat.  It looks like a big bungalow with dining inside the big house and on the grounds.  The garden and what used to be the quest house  were also made into another dining room and al fresco dinning.  Quite charming.  The food was very authentic Thai.

Som tom usually comes with a side of cabbages, stringbeans and baby Thai kang kong.

stewed pork with black mushrooms-yes, like the Chinese version

tom yam soup with jumbo prawns

fresh veggies with sour sauce wiht pieces of crabmeat

 Rosabieng Restaurant

The day before we left, Prayuth came early to take us out to a floating market 1 hour from BGK.  We sampled some Thai street food.  I love the pork sausage.  It is made with rice , garlic and salt and left to ferment, then grilled.  I just love it.  It comes with some pieces of stringbeans, cabbages, chili and young ginger that you can eat with the sausage.  We also had some fishcakes.  There were lots of yummy looking desserts, but we didn’t want to spoil our lunch.  For lunch, P took out to the middle of no where in Ayutthaya and went for a seafood restaurant on the river famous for their gigantic prawns.  We arrived kinda late past 2pm and there were still people eating.  We were even serenaded with singers.LOL  That night, we had dinner with P, his wife and daughter at a fusion Thai restaurant called The Secret.  It was interesting and still very tasty. 

Isaan grilled sausages

fermented fish cakes, grilled jumbo prawns

grill prawns with chile sour sauce, fusion Thai veggie soup with shrimp

chicken curry with roti,  meatball laps(ground beef salad)

  young coconut shoots as som tam.


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