A little mee siam and durian cake with the carpool ladies

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  Actually, the reason for the get together was because one of the ladies(YL) wanted to make a durian cake for her hubby’s birthday.  The other ladies found out about it and also wanted to come over.  So I just invited them to come over for a mee siam lunch and durian cake for dessert. I  always use a  particular mee siam recipe from a Singaporean cookbook my mil gave me.  It has all the tasty  local hawker(street food) fare that I like.   I can’t remember the title.  I’ll write in down as soon as a friend returns it.  I made the durian cake the night before to ensure that the recipe we were going to try for the b-day cake worked and was not too difficult.  I checked through the net and couldn’t find any recipes I liked.  I finally remebered I was given a cake cookbook a while back and sure enough it had a durian cake recipe.  The durian mousse cake recipe sounded good and YL agreed.  

The recipe  is from Alex Goh’s Creative making of Cakes cookbook and it has lots of tips and variations for making the cakes.  I never tried his recipes before, but YL said his cakes were pretty good and he’s quite well-known.   OK.  I followed the recipe exactly and it turned out alright.  Prepare a 9″ round vanilla sponge cake and layer the cake with durian mousse.  There were 4 recipes given for the cake part.  I used the traditional sponge cake recipe.  I’m not a fan of sponge cakes so I’ve never made a sponge cake before.

(A)  5 eggs, 150g sugar

(B)  120g flour

(C)  80g melted butter

1.  Put (A) in the mixing bowl.  2.  Whip (A)till light and fluffy.  3.  Fold in (B) and mix till welled blended.  4.  Stir in (C) and mix till well incorporated.  Pour batter into a 9″ round mould.  Bake at 180 degrees celcius for 30 min.  Remove it from the mould immediately when baked.   

While cake cools, make the durian mousse.

Durian Paste-(A)  200g durian puree, 60g sugar, 120 ml water

                    -(B)  3 Tbsp gelatine powder, 6 Tbsp water

                    -(C)  160g whipped cream

Bring (A) to boil.  2.  Mix (B) and melt it over double boiler.  Add (B) into (A) and mix till well blended.  Leave to cool.  3.  Then take 60g of the durian mixture and mix with (C) till well combined.  4.  Cut the vanilla sponge cake into 3 horizontal layers and sandwich with durian cream mixture.  Refrigerate until firm.  5.  Cover the cake with whipped cream.  6.  Softened the remaining durian mixture over the double boiler.  Pour it onto cake, then spread evenly and let drip down the sides. 

IThe topping was a little too thick so I reduced the gelatine for YL’s cake even though we doubled the amount of durians and whipped cream for the layering.  We had 2 layers instead of 3.

The 4 ladies showed up and YL and I made the  cake and durian mousse while the other 3 helped themselves to the mee siam.  The cake had to be cooled before we can spead the durian mousse and the cream.  Everyone enjoyed the cake I made the night b/f.  Carol asked for some to take home for her kids.   There was about 1/3 of the cake left so I just let the other ladies ta pow.  I’ll make this cake again when dh’s sis comes from England.  She loves durian.   The mee siam was a hit.  I made quite alot.  Three of the ladies packed some for home.  They especially loved the sauce that’s eaten  with the mee siam.


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