Wooden House or House of Wood restaurant…

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…not sure of the exact translation from Thai to English.  That was our first stop for lunch after landing in Krabi 3 weeks ago.  Our taxi driver recommended it.  Dh said he probably gets 10% commision for taking patrons there.  We also travelled to Phuket, Chiang Mai and the Mae Hong Son route while in Thailand.  There will be more posts from those areas.  Anyway, the food at this place was quite good.  I was impressed with the layout of the restaurant.  Most of the tables were out in the open among the trees and gardens. There was a little man made brook in the middle with fish.   I was most impressed with the restrooms.  As the name suggests, it’s a restaurant of wood.  The restrooms were bamboo themed with modern standup glass sinks with water coming out of bamboo tubes and fawcets.  That was neat.  Should have taken a picture.  The food was not bad.  We ordered dishes that the kids would also eat. They are not too crazy for spicy foods. First we had roasted escargot(snails) with hot and sour sauce on hte house.   Most places  in Thailand, the restaurants are quite generous with at least one “on the house” starter.   At first the kids were like “eww”, then they tried it and liked it.   We had two common appetisers like fried prawn/pork and fishcake.  Turned out to be the best prawn/pork we ever had.  We also orderd pork salad(lap). We had lots of pork on this trip. It was too salty for my tastes.  The clear shrimp tom yam  and crab curry was pretty good.  The assam prawns tasted the same as the ones in Malaysia.  We tried  something we never had before-young coconut shoots sauteed wiht oyster sauce and garlic.  Surprisely tasty.  p10109501

restaurant entrance



tom yam shrimp, assam prawns, and crab curry,   fishcakes


fried prawns and pork patties                                        pork lap (salad)



roasted escargot


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