Two cakes for the Valentine weekend

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p1020445p1020442p1020447p1020462p1020464My sil was turning 50. We were all invited including her friends for a special dinner to Grand Imperial  in Bangsar. I told my bil I would make her a b-day cake. Turned out one of her friends bought her a cake too. It so happened that another friend had  a b-day on the same day.  His wife bought a cake for him and there was a spare fourth cake, carrot cake from Secret Recipe.    Altogether, there were 4 b-day cakes plus the cupcakes. I made the velvet cake as the main b-day cake for my sil and extra 25 cupcakes. The lemon curd cake I saved for our Valentine cake to eat at home. I love decadent cakes and this one was very rich. I didn’t think the guests at the b-day dinner would appreciated it after such a heavy 10 course Chinese dinner.   I had spent so much time and money(the 3 tubs of mascarpone cheese was quite expensive) on this cake.  I just couldn’t take it if people took a bite and just let it sit on the plate.  What a waste!  And I didn’t think it would be enough for 20+ people.   The velvet cake and cupcakes were more appropriate. It was more pretty with cream cheese frosting with berries  and Valentine’s day was the next day.  I told my sil we would eat the cupcakes at the dinner and the main velvet round cake, she can take  back  home.  The thing was, this sil came from England and was going on a short trip to Penang, so she gave the velvet cake  to one of the friends who bought her the cheesecake and gave me the cheesecake to take  home.  That particular friend and family really loved the cupcakes so I knew they would appreciate it.  My efforts didn’t go to waste.  I actually went to 3 hypermarkets and one store to look for raspberries and found them at Cold Storage.  They were Rm19.90 /8-12oz.  I  needed 3 containers so I just skipped the raspberries and topped the cake with strawberries and blueberries.

The lemon curd cake was so rich and so so delicious.  It actually was supposed to be 4 layers of cake  and then the layers of creamwith lemon curd and mascarpone cheese in between.  One cake layer was a disaster and it was the top layer.  As I was doing the top, it started to tear and I almost threw the cake away.  It started falling apart pretty fast.  I had to think fast.  Luckily, I made extra cream/lemon curd and mascarpone cheese.  I got rid of the tearing layer and redid the top.  Phew, it was still a high cake, but not so neat looking as I wanted it.  The top resembles the choc mousse cake I made for dh’s b-day last June.

The velvet cake was from Epicurious,

The lemon urd layer cake  was also from Epicurious


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