Blackmore wagyu

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Rich, rich , rich…but oh so melt in your mouth yummy. First time dh and I ever made a special trip to KL for lunch just to taste this special beef. On Fridays I don’t drive any kids to school, so was homefree. We decided to go to Prime at Le Meridien because htis Blackmore beef is only available in July- August. Blackmore wagyu beef is the finest beef that we’ve ever had with a 9+ marbling grain fed for 500-600 days. We ordered a set of oyster blade served with double consommé with sides of somen noodles, tofu cubes and honshimeji mushrooms. This RM528 set also came with wild berries w/ whipped cream and evian water. Loved the ponzu sauce that came with it. We also ordered a Blackmore wagyu sirloin that came with garlic mashed potatoe and med grilled veggies. On top of that, Chef Anton came to the table to explain to us the types of sets they were offering and what was available. We were confused with what the waitress was trying to explain to us. He ordered Master Kobe chuck flab tail(near the neck of the cow)for us to try, simply melt in your mouth. The Chef said it was on him, so after we finished our dinner we sent a glass of wine to him. Will put in photos later. What a great lunch that was. Meant to post this back in August.


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