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Epicurean walk

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Dh and I indulged in a gourmet “dine around” at the Laguna Resort  on our last night in Bali. We started  the 5 course meal at 7:30pm at the bar with cocktails and canapes to salad and soup, a couple of entrees and ending with dessert, coffee and liqueurs at the gazebos by 9:45pm.   The food was a good sample of the restaurants available at  the Laguna.   By dessert time, we couldn’t eat anymore.   The ending at  the gazebos was nice.   From one restaurant to the next, we were escorted by a butler.   Dh made it a point to get the chefs’ names from each retaurant.  We got very friendly with the staff.  I think we were the only couple signed up for this dinner special.  We started at 7:30 and didn’t see anyone else having the same things, unless they started much earlier.  The menu included strawberry mint mojitos, canapes of salmon sahimi,  cauliflower parfait topped with prawns, mutton balls at the Cascade Bar;    Dumplings in tomato consumme and carpaccio with mango and baby greens at SariMayan(Indonesian fusion cuisine restaurant);  Grilled barramundi with mashed turnips, 2 ways lamb(ground mutton battered slices and grilled lamb steak with red wine shallot sauce at the Seaside Cafe.  Very interesting dishes.  The barramundi was excellent.  I loved the baby greens with mango and carpaccio.   The assorted desserts were ok.  I think we were too full to appreciate those after  eating so much.




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Christmas Dinner

Christmas came and went really fast. Seemed like ages ago. We had a simple pasta dinner for Christmas Eve.  My sil, Angela made the pasta. I made caesar salad with grilled chicken. For the Christmas day dinner we had the full works.  I had to have turkey this year.  I had a side buffet table with Christmas goodies like yule log, cookies, candies and fudge, plus a spinach quiche and toast grilled with sliced tomatoes and cheese for those who came earler and couldn’t wait for dinner.    For the main menu, I made scallops with asparagus as our starter,  roastbeef, roast turkey with stuffing and roast red potatoes,  broccolini with roasted walnuts.  I made a strawberry jelly custard trifle for dessert. We had some wine the Aussie cousin brought.



Christmas goodies


raspberry/pineapple punch, spinach quiche and grilled toast with tomatoes and cheese


roast turkey with roasted red potatoes, baby carrots celery and onions, sage bread stuffing


broccolini w/roasted walnuts, roastbeef, scallops wiht asparagus


strawberry jelly custard trifle

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One dish meals

fried rice-chix w/ fishcake, mixed veg and Thai beef w/prawns, shepherd’s pie

loh mai gai(steamed sticky rice with chix,pork, and Chinese sausage and black mushrooms), blanquette d’veau

Beef stroganoff

This week, I’ve been making one dish meals for dinner.  My maid, Siti, has gone back for a month’s holiday to Indonesia.  Since she’s gone, I don’t have a lot of time to cook.  Trying to keep things as simple as possible.  I have to plan ahead what to make for dinner and try to have food cooked and the kitchen half decent when it’s dinner time.  I make a BIG mess when cooking. Cleaning up takes awhile.  Usually, I will ask Siti to do the prep work like the cutting and dicing of vegetables  for me and cleaning up the mess afterwards.  OMG, this week my legs and feet have been aching so much.  Not used to standing so long doing everything.  I really deserve the massage I’m getting this Sat. 

 My family actually likes one dish meals, but sometimes I like to have a real Chinese dinner with soup, meat, fish, and a couple of veggies.  The kids have been pretty picky lately(my 6 year old wants ham and cheese everyday, the girls don’t like rice), so they’re pretty happy this week .  I made beef stroganoff with buttered rice, loh mai gai, shepherd’s pie(looks like tator tot cass b/c I added corn as the bottom layer), two kinds of fried rice-chix w/ fishcakes and mixed veg, and Thai beef with prawns, and blanquette d’veau(had to use beef instead of veal).  And tonight, since dh had Lodge, I took them out for McD’s.  Lunch has been sandwiches, take outs, fried noodles and porridge.  There’ll be more one dish meals to come-lots of pastas or a starch, meat/seafood and veg kind of meals.

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Scallops with asparagus

Happy days again…well, it hasn’t exactly been sad.  It’s just that the scallops my family loves are quite available whenever we want it.  Gosh, the market my mil buys them from  just needs 1-2 weeks notice. I thought I could only get them around CNY only.  Our favorite ways to cook scallops are  with pasta and asparagus.  In the middle of the night just last week, my Dh just tried them panfired with olive oil, salt and pepper.  He said they were perfect. He can actually make himself something to eat when he’s really hungry.  NO, I should give him more credit.  He does make dinner for Valentines. LOL  The recipe from the first photo is from Epicurious and I couldn’t  find it again.  The sauce has wine vinegar, shallots, and butter, plus s&p.  My dh cooked these. 

From the second recipe, I just recently made.  The recipe is from The Fresh Market

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Essence at Sheraton Imperial,KL

Italian gelato, cheesecake, apple and marshmellow from the choc fountain

My usual fare from buffets-the meats, and antipasti

I never skip the sashimi and fresh oysters,LOL.  First time I ever encountered shark’s fin(genuine) soup at any buffet. WOW!

Kids wanted to go for a buffet. They like having varieties of food to choose from.  If we eat at home, they have to eat what I cook.  I don’t give them options.  They love going around taking what they like from buffets.   My dh actually dislikes buffets, but we went to one anyway since the kids were requesting it.  I suggested the one at Sheraton Imperial.  I haven’t been there for ages.  Dh and I tried the Italian restaurant-Villa Danielli ages ago.  It was alright.  There are better Italian restaurants in town.  It’s one of the luxury hotels in town and they should have a very good buffet.  The price was not bad-above RM80++ for adults and kids are half priced.  We arrived earlier than our reservation(7:30pm), but there was hardly anyone inside.  There were maybe 3-4 tables.  The host was quite kind and said he would only charge us for one kid.  The restaurant has a  very bright(not gaudy) and eclectic ambience.  It has maybe 6 or 7 stations.  But I wasn’t disappointed, the food was very good.  For me, a good buffet depends on how well the meats are cooked and how fresh the seafood is.  The desserts have to stand out.  When I go to hotel buffets, I rarely eat the local food.  Best local food are eaten outside(hawker or street food).  The grilled beef was great, so was the roasted lamb, though I don’t like my lamb too rare.  The usual antipasto was excellent.  The cheese and bread were a little limited.  Dh and I had our fill of fresh oysters and sashimi(sliced upon request).  The desserts had the usual mousses and cakes.  I was disappointed with the chocolate fountain.  There were not many choices.  I only saw biscuits, marshmellows and pineapples-no strawberries.  The plain cheesecake was prob one of the best I’ve had in KL.  Dh and I loved the gelato flown in from Italy.  Dh wanted to buy some and bring it home to eat.  I choose the cheesy fig and mango w/passion fruit.  That was the highlight of the meal.  This buffet came with only house wines and coffee.

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Dh and Justin’s birthday cakes

My dh’s chocolate mousse cake

Last Sunday was my dh’s birthday.  It was  the big 40 for him.  We went out the night b/f for his b-day dinner so he wanted dinner at home on the actual day.  I made a simple roast beef dinner with fried potatoes, a mixed green salad wth avocados,sauteed shallos and button mushrooms, and scallops with  a simple concoction of vinaigrette dressing(olive oil, sherry wine vinegar,bacon, garlic, mustard and salt/ pepper.  I also made  last minute jumbo shrimp scampi(his mom and bro  called and was stopping by on the way home from Malacca, so I asked them to stay for dinner and cake).  My mother-in-law does not eat beef.  I made dh a chocolate mousse cake.  It turned out alright.  Everyone loved it.  I made a regular round one and a small one with brandy.  I used a recipe from Peggy’s Baking Corner  with some modifications. .

Justin’s birthday party at kindergarten( cake, sausage rolls, chix nuggets, finger jello and goodie bags)

Another cake to have with the family

Justin’s birthday is today.  He had a birthday party at kindergarten last Fri so he had some birthday cake with classmates and another one with the family.  It was Spiderman themed so for school I made a small cake for blowing candles and small cupcakes for the kids.  I had trouble drawing a Spiderman.  I need more practice working with frosting too.  It didn’t help that the kids were always poking at the finished cake.  For Justin’s cakes, I used Martha Stewart’s orange cake recipe.  This recipe never fails.  It always turns out well.  I’ve made this cake a few times before.

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Choong Fong Restaurant

Half suckling pig and half Peking duck

one of my fave pork dishes-suckling pig

braised frog legs with ginger and spring onions.

We came upon this restaurant by word of mouth from dh’s golfing buddies.  The restaurant is near a few golf clubs.  We tried to find it on the GPS, but couldn’t.  It is in Kampung Subang off the Guthrie Corridor HIghway near our place, Bkt Jelutong.  We tried the place for lunch one day b/c it was near the nursery where dh gets his orchids from.  We said we would come back again for dinner.  It is in the middle of nowhere in this kampung.  The place is very ordinary and not fancy at all.  It has  the regular plastic Chinese dishware and red polyester table cloth and loud noise from the diners.  We went for dinner 2 times and each time it is brimming with diners.  It is b/c of the really good food and very reasonable prices.  This time we tried the frog legs, and bbq dishes besides other dishes.  It was so yummy.

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