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.. With DH. (wrote this post back in Dec, but didn’t post it) He had a couple of business meetings in Singapore the beginning of this week. He drove so I went along. Usually he goes by plane but this time he needed to bring back the wine he shipped back from Napa Valley. He bought 27 bottles from Opus One, the Limited Edition Vertical 2005, 2006 and 2007. We opened one at another restaurant. We let JC, dh’s French buyer, choose a couple of wines at Lawry’s. We all had the restaurant’s famous prime rib. Dh and I shared the 15oz diamond cut because we also shared an order of baby back ribs. We could’ve gone to Morton’s but were just there in Hong Kong. I was longing for some good prime ribs and Lawry’s certainly satisfied that craving.
We also went to Long Beach Seafood at Eastcoast Parkway. This was my first time there. We certainly had the best. The men opened a couple bottles of whisky and lots of  great wine. We had sashimi geoduck and lobster, tiger sea mantis w/golden garlic, Alaskan king crab, renown crispy duck, BBQ fish. We couldn’t finish the food. I would’ve eaten more , but was a little ill. The next day, we had brunch at Marina Bay casino with dh’s bro and family bf departing for home. We had the usual dim sum dishes like siew mei , chee change fun, etc. It was ok. The outstanding dish was the melt in your mouth egg tart, and the salted butter pao. I think we just had too much good food and couldn’t appreciate anymore food.

prime rib

sea mantis

Alaskan king crab

lobster and geoduck sashimi


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Brasserie Les Saveurs @the St. Regis Singapore

Brasserie Les Saveurs

Brasserie Les Saveurs

salad-fresh baby greens and grilled prawns w/walnut dressing

salad-fresh baby greens and grilled prawns w/walnut dressing



clam chowder

clam chowder

fresh oysters

fresh oysters





eggs benedict

eggs benedict

eggs and sausages

eggs and sausages

We went to Singapore last wknd.  Both dh and I had to do some banking there.  Plus, dh had 3 nights of SPG redemption left.  Had to use it by the end of the month.  We chose the St Regis again b/c it’s convenient for me to walk from the shopping complexes.  This time we had lunch and brkfst at the hotel-Brasserie Les Saveurs, an intercontinental restaurant with French brasserie favorites.  It was raining and we were hungry after checking in.  Dh checked out the spread and it looked very good.   The restaurant had his fave French oysters from Quiberon Bay.  He had a dozen of those.  Loved them with raspberry vinegar w/onions.  They were $3 a piece.  I never had them and have to admit they’re the best oysters I’ve ever had.  The sashimis were perfectly cut, not cubed, especially the hamachi.  Had a second helping of those.  I loved my baby salad greens with walnut dressing.  Will have to look up a recipe for that dressing.  Grilled prawns were perfect with my salad. The clam chowder was too creamy for me.   My main course was pan-seared Pacific seabass.  Dh had the wagyu beef cheeks. I almost got that too but we were going to Lawry’s for dinner that night.   Dessert was ok.  I had creme brulee, choc mousse, and cheese cake.  Didn’t have any of the yummy pastries.  I had to control myself.   We will try hightea or dinner there next time.

We usually have breakfast at the hotel.  I have my eggs and sausages and dh has to have his eggs benedict.  This time I also had muesli with fresh berries.

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Aly’s lunch

Alyssa has extra classes (tuition) on M, W, and Thu after regular classes and since last month has been taking lunch from home.  I will pack what I’ve made  for lunch that day or give her left-overs from the previous night’s dinner.  She was ok with buying lunch from the school canteen.  Pretty simple stuff that she likes(tofu, chicken, green veg and rice).  Now, the rules have changed.  Children have to line up in single file and pay at the end after selecting the food.  And her main teacher has been making her class copy 2 essays after their last class.  They are always the last class to come out.   She said by the time she gets to the canteen, most of the good stuff is gone and left with yucky food.   I can actually leave her lunch at the guard house and some  ladies who volunteer  bring  them to the canteen for the children to their designated tables.  Did that a few times and she couldn’t find her Thermos.  Now, I’m forever waiting by the gate for her to pick up her lunch.  I guess I don’t mind so much as long as my child has a good lunch.  She only wants rice with meat and veg from home or fried noodles.  She won’t take anything soupy.  My firstborn is very picky.  I few times I had to buy her chicken rice from the hawker shops by the school cause I made porridge or soupy noodles.Aly's lunch

rice with roast duck and left-over vegggie beef stirfry

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Grand Imperial Restaurant

This is our new favorite Chinese restaurant in Bangsar.  Went there for dim sum one Sunday after Dhamma Sunday school.  We got there 1:45pm and the place was so busy.  We had to wait 10min for a table.  The manager came to sit and chat with Dh, so he’s been going there quite often with his friends.  Hmm…this is our only 2nd time as a family.  Oh well, the food is great.We ordered a few favorites like prawn siew mai, prawn dumplings, fish balls, radish cake, yam dumplings cheong fun, kai lan and chicken feet.  The chix feet sounds gross but it;s actually quite tasty.  The one here was a bit too sweet.   The kids didn’t like the pan fired fish cake.  Dh and I had to eat those.  I quite like the sauce that came with it. It’s a lot like the Thai sour sauce for seafood(lime, hot chilli and ginger).  The kids love the friend squid tentacles with mayo sauce.  Dh had to double the order.  The dumplings and chee cheong fun were average.  The radish cake and fried yam dumplings were excellent.  We would have dim sum there again.


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Epicurean walk

My Scrapblog
Dh and I indulged in a gourmet “dine around” at the Laguna Resort  on our last night in Bali. We started  the 5 course meal at 7:30pm at the bar with cocktails and canapes to salad and soup, a couple of entrees and ending with dessert, coffee and liqueurs at the gazebos by 9:45pm.   The food was a good sample of the restaurants available at  the Laguna.   By dessert time, we couldn’t eat anymore.   The ending at  the gazebos was nice.   From one restaurant to the next, we were escorted by a butler.   Dh made it a point to get the chefs’ names from each retaurant.  We got very friendly with the staff.  I think we were the only couple signed up for this dinner special.  We started at 7:30 and didn’t see anyone else having the same things, unless they started much earlier.  The menu included strawberry mint mojitos, canapes of salmon sahimi,  cauliflower parfait topped with prawns, mutton balls at the Cascade Bar;    Dumplings in tomato consumme and carpaccio with mango and baby greens at SariMayan(Indonesian fusion cuisine restaurant);  Grilled barramundi with mashed turnips, 2 ways lamb(ground mutton battered slices and grilled lamb steak with red wine shallot sauce at the Seaside Cafe.  Very interesting dishes.  The barramundi was excellent.  I loved the baby greens with mango and carpaccio.   The assorted desserts were ok.  I think we were too full to appreciate those after  eating so much.



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American Club


Babyback ribs


Key lime pudding with fresh berries and sauce


strawberry shortcake

We finally went to the American Club for a meal. We were in Singapore to visit relatives the 2nd day of Chinese New Year. We met dh’s eldest bro and family there for lunch.We decided not to go to the Chinese Restaurant and the American Grill, but opted for the Coffee House.  We will try the Grill w/out the kids next time.  Heard good things about the roastbeef and t-bone steaks.  Dh and the kids had hamburgers with bacon and cheese.  I had a 1/4 of dh’s and it was fantastic.   I chose the babyback ribs and the bbq sauce was southern style(Tenn).  It was a huge portion so I cut out 6 ribs for ohters to share.  the meat just fell off the bone and full of flavor.  Been waiting for good bbq ribs in Asia and I fainlly had it at the American Club in Singapore.  Tried bbq ribs here in Malaysia and it’s beef ribs.  Not  the same at all as pork ribs.  I love keylime pie so I had to try the key lime pudding.  The pudding was very light and creamy.  Just the way I like it.  The girls shared a strawberry shortcake.  I must say that’s the best one I’ve tasted in a long time.

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Wooden House or House of Wood restaurant…

…not sure of the exact translation from Thai to English.  That was our first stop for lunch after landing in Krabi 3 weeks ago.  Our taxi driver recommended it.  Dh said he probably gets 10% commision for taking patrons there.  We also travelled to Phuket, Chiang Mai and the Mae Hong Son route while in Thailand.  There will be more posts from those areas.  Anyway, the food at this place was quite good.  I was impressed with the layout of the restaurant.  Most of the tables were out in the open among the trees and gardens. There was a little man made brook in the middle with fish.   I was most impressed with the restrooms.  As the name suggests, it’s a restaurant of wood.  The restrooms were bamboo themed with modern standup glass sinks with water coming out of bamboo tubes and fawcets.  That was neat.  Should have taken a picture.  The food was not bad.  We ordered dishes that the kids would also eat. They are not too crazy for spicy foods. First we had roasted escargot(snails) with hot and sour sauce on hte house.   Most places  in Thailand, the restaurants are quite generous with at least one “on the house” starter.   At first the kids were like “eww”, then they tried it and liked it.   We had two common appetisers like fried prawn/pork and fishcake.  Turned out to be the best prawn/pork we ever had.  We also orderd pork salad(lap). We had lots of pork on this trip. It was too salty for my tastes.  The clear shrimp tom yam  and crab curry was pretty good.  The assam prawns tasted the same as the ones in Malaysia.  We tried  something we never had before-young coconut shoots sauteed wiht oyster sauce and garlic.  Surprisely tasty.  p10109501

restaurant entrance



tom yam shrimp, assam prawns, and crab curry,   fishcakes


fried prawns and pork patties                                        pork lap (salad)



roasted escargot

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