Grand Imperial Restaurant

This is our new favorite Chinese restaurant in Bangsar.  Went there for dim sum one Sunday after Dhamma Sunday school.  We got there 1:45pm and the place was so busy.  We had to wait 10min for a table.  The manager came to sit and chat with Dh, so he’s been going there quite often with his friends.  Hmm…this is our only 2nd time as a family.  Oh well, the food is great.We ordered a few favorites like prawn siew mai, prawn dumplings, fish balls, radish cake, yam dumplings cheong fun, kai lan and chicken feet.  The chix feet sounds gross but it;s actually quite tasty.  The one here was a bit too sweet.   The kids didn’t like the pan fired fish cake.  Dh and I had to eat those.  I quite like the sauce that came with it. It’s a lot like the Thai sour sauce for seafood(lime, hot chilli and ginger).  The kids love the friend squid tentacles with mayo sauce.  Dh had to double the order.  The dumplings and chee cheong fun were average.  The radish cake and fried yam dumplings were excellent.  We would have dim sum there again.



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Epicurean walk

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Dh and I indulged in a gourmet “dine around” at the Laguna Resort  on our last night in Bali. We started  the 5 course meal at 7:30pm at the bar with cocktails and canapes to salad and soup, a couple of entrees and ending with dessert, coffee and liqueurs at the gazebos by 9:45pm.   The food was a good sample of the restaurants available at  the Laguna.   By dessert time, we couldn’t eat anymore.   The ending at  the gazebos was nice.   From one restaurant to the next, we were escorted by a butler.   Dh made it a point to get the chefs’ names from each retaurant.  We got very friendly with the staff.  I think we were the only couple signed up for this dinner special.  We started at 7:30 and didn’t see anyone else having the same things, unless they started much earlier.  The menu included strawberry mint mojitos, canapes of salmon sahimi,  cauliflower parfait topped with prawns, mutton balls at the Cascade Bar;    Dumplings in tomato consumme and carpaccio with mango and baby greens at SariMayan(Indonesian fusion cuisine restaurant);  Grilled barramundi with mashed turnips, 2 ways lamb(ground mutton battered slices and grilled lamb steak with red wine shallot sauce at the Seaside Cafe.  Very interesting dishes.  The barramundi was excellent.  I loved the baby greens with mango and carpaccio.   The assorted desserts were ok.  I think we were too full to appreciate those after  eating so much.



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Valentine dinner


roast pork



fried potatoesp1010857

mixed veg

Since having children, we’ve been having the Valentine dinner at home.  Last year, dh made a steak dinner.  This year, I made a pork roast.  I wanted to try a recipe that I saw at Bon Appetit.  The cut I bought was actually a loin with skin .  I thought it might be tough, but it turned out so tender and tasty.  I also made fried potatoes with onions and rosemary.  Kids love d that.  For our greens, we had a mixture sauteed with Italian herbs.  A very simple satisfying meal.  And of course, we had that lucious lemon layer curd cake with mascarpone.

I used this rub for my pork-

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Christmas Dinner

Christmas came and went really fast. Seemed like ages ago. We had a simple pasta dinner for Christmas Eve.  My sil, Angela made the pasta. I made caesar salad with grilled chicken. For the Christmas day dinner we had the full works.  I had to have turkey this year.  I had a side buffet table with Christmas goodies like yule log, cookies, candies and fudge, plus a spinach quiche and toast grilled with sliced tomatoes and cheese for those who came earler and couldn’t wait for dinner.    For the main menu, I made scallops with asparagus as our starter,  roastbeef, roast turkey with stuffing and roast red potatoes,  broccolini with roasted walnuts.  I made a strawberry jelly custard trifle for dessert. We had some wine the Aussie cousin brought.



Christmas goodies


raspberry/pineapple punch, spinach quiche and grilled toast with tomatoes and cheese


roast turkey with roasted red potatoes, baby carrots celery and onions, sage bread stuffing


broccolini w/roasted walnuts, roastbeef, scallops wiht asparagus


strawberry jelly custard trifle

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Two cakes for the Valentine weekend

p1020445p1020442p1020447p1020462p1020464My sil was turning 50. We were all invited including her friends for a special dinner to Grand Imperial  in Bangsar. I told my bil I would make her a b-day cake. Turned out one of her friends bought her a cake too. It so happened that another friend had  a b-day on the same day.  His wife bought a cake for him and there was a spare fourth cake, carrot cake from Secret Recipe.    Altogether, there were 4 b-day cakes plus the cupcakes. I made the velvet cake as the main b-day cake for my sil and extra 25 cupcakes. The lemon curd cake I saved for our Valentine cake to eat at home. I love decadent cakes and this one was very rich. I didn’t think the guests at the b-day dinner would appreciated it after such a heavy 10 course Chinese dinner.   I had spent so much time and money(the 3 tubs of mascarpone cheese was quite expensive) on this cake.  I just couldn’t take it if people took a bite and just let it sit on the plate.  What a waste!  And I didn’t think it would be enough for 20+ people.   The velvet cake and cupcakes were more appropriate. It was more pretty with cream cheese frosting with berries  and Valentine’s day was the next day.  I told my sil we would eat the cupcakes at the dinner and the main velvet round cake, she can take  back  home.  The thing was, this sil came from England and was going on a short trip to Penang, so she gave the velvet cake  to one of the friends who bought her the cheesecake and gave me the cheesecake to take  home.  That particular friend and family really loved the cupcakes so I knew they would appreciate it.  My efforts didn’t go to waste.  I actually went to 3 hypermarkets and one store to look for raspberries and found them at Cold Storage.  They were Rm19.90 /8-12oz.  I  needed 3 containers so I just skipped the raspberries and topped the cake with strawberries and blueberries.

The lemon curd cake was so rich and so so delicious.  It actually was supposed to be 4 layers of cake  and then the layers of creamwith lemon curd and mascarpone cheese in between.  One cake layer was a disaster and it was the top layer.  As I was doing the top, it started to tear and I almost threw the cake away.  It started falling apart pretty fast.  I had to think fast.  Luckily, I made extra cream/lemon curd and mascarpone cheese.  I got rid of the tearing layer and redid the top.  Phew, it was still a high cake, but not so neat looking as I wanted it.  The top resembles the choc mousse cake I made for dh’s b-day last June.

The velvet cake was from Epicurious,

The lemon urd layer cake  was also from Epicurious

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Christmas baking


All packaged and ready to distribute


Kids helping mommy decorate or rather sneaking the frosting and sprinkles



Decorated cookies, kids got silly wiht gingerbreadmans towards the endp1000792

Sheet pans of butterpressed cookies

I know I’m so behind in blogging. Since the school year started, I rarely have time for the computer. I still have to feed my family though. I’m still cooking and baking goodies when I can. This past Christmas, I baked the usual butterpressed cookies, gingerbread man, choc fudge and Christmas sugar cookies.  Instead of lime melt aways, I made rum slices instead.  Got them all distributed in time to the usual friends and teachers.

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American Club


Babyback ribs


Key lime pudding with fresh berries and sauce


strawberry shortcake

We finally went to the American Club for a meal. We were in Singapore to visit relatives the 2nd day of Chinese New Year. We met dh’s eldest bro and family there for lunch.We decided not to go to the Chinese Restaurant and the American Grill, but opted for the Coffee House.  We will try the Grill w/out the kids next time.  Heard good things about the roastbeef and t-bone steaks.  Dh and the kids had hamburgers with bacon and cheese.  I had a 1/4 of dh’s and it was fantastic.   I chose the babyback ribs and the bbq sauce was southern style(Tenn).  It was a huge portion so I cut out 6 ribs for ohters to share.  the meat just fell off the bone and full of flavor.  Been waiting for good bbq ribs in Asia and I fainlly had it at the American Club in Singapore.  Tried bbq ribs here in Malaysia and it’s beef ribs.  Not  the same at all as pork ribs.  I love keylime pie so I had to try the key lime pudding.  The pudding was very light and creamy.  Just the way I like it.  The girls shared a strawberry shortcake.  I must say that’s the best one I’ve tasted in a long time.

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